Postman Tutorial- API Testing with POSTMAN

Hello Friends, In this tutorial we will see How to perform API testing with POSTMAN, What is Postman, How to download and install it, How to create workspace, How to create Collection and how to perform GET request in Postman.

What is Postman?

Postman is one of the most popular API testing tools. It is very simple to use and intuitive API testing tool or application. We don’t need any knowledge of programming language.

How to Download Postman for Windows

It is an open source tool. You can easily download it from Google.

Download Postman

After downloading the Postman, you can easily install by double click on it.

After installed, it will ask for signup. After login it will show like below.

postman screen

Note: In my case, in left hand side it is showing few APIs which stored in my account. In your case it will not show anything.

Now it’s time to create workspace in postman.

Create Workspace in Postman

Follow below image to create workspace in postman

Creating Workspace in Postman

Create Workspace in Postman


Note – Workspace in postman is just like Project in any editor.

Collection: It is a group of API request. You can put similar kind of APIs into one collection.

Now I am going to show you, send a request and get response. Before that we need to create Collection.

Create Collection in Postman

From above image you can check after clicking on Create Collection we can create new collection.

Step 1:

Create Collection in Postman


Step 2: Add Request in Postman collection.

Add Request in Postman Collection

Note: I am going to use ‘’ site for using endpoint and request payload.

Open above URL and you can see below data.

I am going to use GET request with below endpoint in Postman.

Perform GET operation in Postman


Step 1- Click on Add Request. After click on Add request by default it will create GET request. See in Below Image.

Get request in Postman

By clicking on dropdown we can change request type. See in below image.

Step 2: Enter URI (Endpoint of the Server) and click on Send button.

Perform GET operation in Postman

Step 3: After click on ‘Send’ button we will get the response with 200 status code.

Watch this Video-



I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. In this tutorial we have covered How to perform API testing with POSTMAN.

Happy Learning 🙂



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