How To Create First Job in Jenkins

In this tutorial, we will see How to create first job in Jenkins.

Follow the below steps to create the Jenkins job.

Steps 1:  Login on to Jenkins and go to Jenkins dashboard.

Jenkins dashboard

Step 2: Click on Create a job or click on New Item.

Step 3: Once you will click on Create a job you can see different ways to create a job.

Example: Freestyle project, Maven, Pipeline etc.

We will use Freestyle project.

Step 4: Enter Item name and select Freestyle project. Click on Ok button.

Create Freestyle Jenkins Job

Step 5: After click on ok button it will ask for some configuration. Depends on requirement you will configure accordingly.

In this page we can see below settings.

General – Enter some description about your Jenkins job.

Source Code management – If you want to get code from any repository then you can use this. (Usually we used GIT for SCM). After click on GIT we can give repository URL.

Build triggers – This is how you want to trigger a build (trigger build remotely; build periodically, Poll SCM etc.). You can click on help icon and read this in detail.

Build – We have different options in build.

In Execute window batch command, we can run windows batch command and if we are working with mac or linux then we have to use execute shell.

Post-build actions- In this section we will select exactly what we want to do after build.

Example: We can select Email Notification and can enter recipient email Id to receive the build report.

Once you click on save button, the job is created successfully.

Go to dashboard. It is looks like below.


How To Run Jenkins Job Manually

Step 1: Go to Dashboard. Click on the Jenkins Job.


Step 2: Click on ‘Build Now’.

Click on build now

Step 3: After click on Build Now, it looks like below.

Step 4: After run successfully it will turn into green or blue color.

Step 5:  After click on success build we can check console output.

Console Output Screen-

Watch this Video-


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Happy Learning 🙂

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