How To Set JAVA_HOME In Windows 10

In this tutorial, we will learn how to set JAVA_HOME as environment variable in windows 10.

This Java JDK tool allows us to do java code and run java programs.

Download JDK

1. Go to google page and search as ‘Java JDK’ and Hit enter.

2. Click on the first link in google page. 

    Click here to show download Java page 

3. Click on the download link. See in below image.

JDK download
download jdk

Installation process

1.    Click on downloaded executable file –> Click on ‘Yes’ on User Account Control popup.

2.    Click on Next.

Now it has been installed. 

How to Set JDK path/set JAVA_HOME in System environment variable

Windows 10 and Windows 8

1.    Right click on My Computer –> Click on properties

Advance System Settings

2.    Click on Advanced System Settings.

3.    Click on ‘Environment Variables’.

Environment Variable for Set JAVA_HOME

4.    In the System variables, section à select path and edit it.

5.    Click on New –> Paste path of the of bin folder (including bin folder)

Edit Environment variable

Check whether java is installed or Not?

1. Open Command prompt.

2. Type  javac. Hit enter. 

3. If you see the screen like below, Java installed.

java version
Test JAVA_HOME and system path

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