How To Handle Calendar in Selenium

In this tutorial we will learn how to handle Calendar in Selenium. I will be using findElements methods to find all the dates and then will get the text and click on desired date. Some …

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How To Find Broken Links using Selenium

Hello Friends, In this tutorial we will discuss ‘How to Find broken links using Selenium’. Also we will discuss How to find broken images. Many times we faced this issue while using any website. We …

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How to Handle Alerts in Selenium

In this tutorial, we will see ‘How to Handle Alerts in Selenium’. There are different types of alerts we can see while testing web based applications. While filling the forms we get this alert after …

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WebDriverWait in Selenium

WebDriverwait in Selenium

In this post we will learn about WebDriverWait in Selenium. In Selenium wait commands mainly used for synchronization purpose because some times WebDriver does not track the active web element or real state of DOM. …

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Window Handling in Selenium

How to handle multiple window in selenium

In this tutorial, we will learn about ‘How To Handle Multiple Windows in Selenium’. We will all methods to learn window handling in Selenium. While automating a web application we faced this scenario – after …

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What is Fluent wait in selenium

How To Select Multiple Checkbox in Selenium What is Fluent wait? What is Fluent wait?What is Fluent wait?What is Fluent wait? What is Fluent wait? Fluent wait is a wait in Selenium in which we …

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