WIFI Full Form And Meaning

WIFI full form: Wireless Fidelity

WIFI: ”Wireless Fidelity”. This WIFI technology developed by Alliance Company in 1998.

WIFI is a wireless high-speed internet network connection. By using the electronic device, we used WIFI to transfer data through ISM radio bands. This is a technology of WLAN (wireless local area network) which used wireless network radio bands.

WIFI used in Computer and other devices to communicate over a wireless network.

WIFI network based on IEEE-developed 802.11 standards and supported by WIFI alliance.

WIFI full form

Types of WIFI

There are mainly three types of Wi-Fi.

WAN: Wide Area Network – It is created through the use of cell phone signals. It is provided and maintained by mobile phone (cellular) service providers.

In this network, you will stay connected even you away from one network to other form of network access.

LAN: Local Area Network – This is a computer network that is a relatively small area. It is a collection of devices which connected together in one physical location. It can be from a single room to the entire campus.

PAN: Personal Area Network – This is short-range of network that uses Bluetooth technology.

It is used for data transmission among different devices such as Computer, smartphones, tablets etc. Typically range of 30 feet.

Types of WIFI Technologies

There are four types of Wi-Fi, and It is based on IEEE 802.11 specifications.





The main differences in above-mentioned technologies related bandwidth.

Applications of WIFI

Business needs

Mobile Applications

Computer, Tablets

Video conference

Digital Camera and so on.

Limitations of Wi-Fi

Risk of Security

Limited range

High power consumption

Hotspot Full Form

It is a physical location (like a coffee shop, college campus, airport etc.) where people access the internet using Wi-Fi which is accessible through a router connected to an internet service provider.

How can we use Wi-Fi?

In the hotspot area, we have to turn on your device’s Wi-Fi. It will show the Wi-Fi network name. If that network is password protected, then you have to provide password also.


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